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The Ponds Directory was created 3.5 years ago.

Due to the large number of people building, or moving to the area, there were constant requests for recommendations on the community Facebook pages.

Most requests were for trades or other home service businesses, and were being asked on a daily basis.

The directory was setup, and now residents can find everything they need in the one place.

The directory has its own Facebook page which currently has 1,050 likes.

As recommended by…

  • The Ponds Directory is the official directory of ‘The Ponds NSW 2769‘ community Facebook group, which has over 7,250 members
  • The Ponds & Kellyville Ridge Community Association (TPKR) actively promote the directory to their members
  • The Ponds Directory is actively promoted by numerous local community pages, buy and sell pages, and other Facebook groups or pages


Over the last 30 days there have been 157 searches by user of the directory. Note: updated 19/7/18.

The majority of these were made on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.